2019: Buhari’s Neglect Of The Niger Delta Will Be A Determining Factor – Gov Wike

Governor Wike Says Buhari’s Neglect Of The Niger Delta Will Be A Determining Factor.

Speaking during the PDP Campaign Rally at Ahoada West Local Government Area at Akinima on Thursday , Governor Wike said President Muhammadu Buhari through deliberate manipulation refused to fund major projects across the Niger Delta.

Governor Wike also has decried the total neglect of the total neglect of the Niger Delta by the APC Federal Government under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Stating that “Even though the Niger Delta produces the wealth of the nation, there is no funding of projects in the area.

“Look at the East-West Road , no serious attempt has been made to fund the project. All other projects in the area have been abandoned..instead, few projects are found in the north and south West “.

He charged the people of Ahoada West Local Government Area to vote for Atiku Abubakar so as to address the developmental challenges of the Niger Delta region.

He said unlike the APC, the PDP is built on the fulfilment of promises and the enhancement of the welfare of the people.

“When PDP makes a promise, it goes ahead to fulfill the promise. Everywhere in Nigeria , people are voting for the PDP because they keep their promises “, he said.

Commenting on the plot by the APC to disrupt the general elections in Rivers State, Governor Wike said that they lack the capacity to stop polls from holding in the state.

APC cannot stop the elections from holding in Rivers State. They think they have monopoly of violence. They are engaged in-fighting and they should face the consequences of their disrespect for the rule of law.

“I call on the President to call members of his party in Rivers State to order. They should stop threatening us that there will be no elections. If there is no election in Rivers State, then there will be no election across the country”, he said.

On the claim by the Factional Governorship Candidate of Accord Party that projects cannot create jobs, Governor Wike noted that perpetual governorship aspirant does not understand the development process.

He said the Factional Governorship Candidate of Accord Party couldn’t successfully operate a dance club, hence he has no business contesting the position of a governor.

Governor Wike said that the APC will not be allowed to create cattle grazing routes in Rivers State.

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