2019 Election : Buhari Will Lose In Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna, FCT, Shi’ites Declares

•Alleges fresh plot by govt to kill El Zakzaky

ONE of the leaders of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Engr Abdullahi Musa has said that come February 16th Presidential election, President Muhammadu Buhari would lose in Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna and The Federal Capital Territory.

This is just as the Movement alleged fresh plot by Buhari led the administration to assassinate its leader the Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky.

Musa said Buhari’s defeat in those states would come as a result of continued killings of people in the states and the detention of the leader of IMN Sheikh Ibraheem El Zakzaky and the continued killings of their members.

He said those states have witnessed killings since the inception of this administration, which has made the residents who are affected by to killings to lose hope in the government.

He also said that the followers of El Zakzaky and his sympathiser would also not vote President Buhari because of the what the Sheikh is passing through in this administration.

Speaking with TribuneOnline after a Press Conference in Abuja, Musa said “the Islamic Movement of Nigeria is a mass movement, so officially, there is not an official statement of supporting any candidate, but there are a lot of people in the Movement that are politicians, there are a lot of people with their voters card and ready to vote, and I don’t have to ask them whom they are going to vote, nobody needs to ask them because they know what this administration has done to them, nobody should expect the follower of Sheikh El Zakzaky or his sympathiSer to go and vote for Buhari.

“Remember also there are a lot of supporters of the Movement, they are not followers but they are supporters, and they cannot vote for Buhari because he attacked the Sheikh and he is keeping the Sheikh in custody.

“Like for me, if you take my own family, we lost five family members which are young undergraduate girls, they have killed them, and these people will have a lot of extended family members that are not followers of Sheikh, but they sympathize with the Sheikh because their siblings were killed by the Buhari administration and they cannot vote for Buhari for peace.

“This is the analysis they made and they come to understand that they can’t win the election because people are agitating, people are tired of them, they have killed so many people, they have caused enough security challenges in the area.”

Addressing Journalists, Shaikh Sidi Munir Sokoto said they had uncovered a fresh plot by the federal government to assassinate El Zakzaky through the use of hoodlums to frame him up and kill him in the guise of a shootout with hoodlums.

According to him “the public will please recall that on August 8, 2018, we received a report from an unidentified security agent, who exposed a plan by the Department of State Service to use hoodlums to kill Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and his wife in the facility that they are being detained.

“According to the report, the hoodlums will attack Sheikh Zakzaky and all the Soldiers and security agents escorting him to Court or Hospital and kill both the Sheikh and the securities. The security report was duly submitted to National Human Rights Commission and other related agencies during a Free Zakzaky protests in Abuja.

“After the failure of August 2018 plan, in January 2018 we received another report that Office of the National Security Adviser is anchoring another plan to kill Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in the facility that he is being detained, but this time around they will blame it on the followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

“We initially ignore the report, due to the lack of concrete paper evidence about the plan, but in this week our attention has been drawn to a letter written to the Inspector General of Police by Sanusi M. Galadima, MSI, a Director at the Office of the National Security Adviser titled ‘plans by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) to raid elected detention facilities in the country during the 2019 general election’.

“The letter stated that ‘Intelligence report at the disposal of this Office reveals that there are plans by members of IMN (Shiites) to lunch coordinated attacks on some detention facilities/prisons across the country during the forthcoming general election’. The letter added that ‘the planned attacks are meant to forcefully effect the release of their national leader Ibrahim El-ZAKZAKY (Shaikh), his wife and several members of the sect currently in custody.”

Shaikh Munir said: “We categorically reject this unprofessional, unintelligent and baseless allegations made by Sanusi M. Galadima, Director of Internal Security, NSA and confirmed that we have no plan to raid any detention facility and we always follow lawful means to secure the release of our brothers and sisters that are under detention.

“I will like to inform the public that the plan of attacking detention facilities is the direct plan of Tyrant Buhari-led administration and his security agents and anything that happened to Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) we are going to squarely hold Tyrant Buhari and the National Security Adviser responsible.

“It is pertinent to state that for more than 40 years now, followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky are being detained, but we always follow the lawful approach in securing the release of our brothers and sisters.

“I know the public is fully aware that on the illegal detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the Shaikh has employed the services of Femi Falana, SAN to pursue the case at Kaduna State High Court and Court of Appeal, Abuja.

“It is also relevant to state that from December 2015 to date security agents has arrested thousands of followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and we employed the Services of Lawyers and Law Firms in Kaduna and Abuja. So far more than 1,000 brothers and sisters were discharged and acquitted by various Courts in Abuja and Kaduna. Recently, on Monday 4 February 2019 Magistrate Court 8, Zone 2, Abuja discharged and acquitted 28 followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and the released brothers and sisters are now with their families.”

He, however, said “the National Security Adviser (NSA) should note that we are fully aware with their plan and we are now informing the public that any attack that happened on Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in the detention facility, the NSA in person of Mr Babagana Monguno and his masters are responsible for that.”

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