40 Seconds Man And HorsePower Woman

40 Seconds Man And HorsePower Woman.

“My ex husband Churchill suffers from a disease called premature ejaculation. He can’t last more 40mintues inside a woman.

The longest he lastd inside a woman was one minute and that was once.I Opened Legs For Churchill Because He Told Me He Was Obasanjo’s Son , Only For Me To Discover That He Was Obasanjo Gardener’s Son” – Tonto Dike

No man can afford to marry a sick, dirty woman. She can fight in the gutter.

No man or woman can afford to be go into a relationship with a freak, angry, insecure and frustrated person whose psyche is badly damaged.

When l watched Tonto Dike’s interview and how she explained that her husband Churchill cannot satisfy a woman in bed and lasts for only 40 seconds, l knew that the Nollywood bad girl is inconsiderate, careless and sick.

At the centre of this disgraceful and shameful fight is their handsome looking son. Tonto thinks she is destorying her husband her husband , no,no, no.

A thousand women even from her village would gladly accept the hand of Churchill in marriage with his facial looks and deep pockets inspite of the fact that he is 40 seconds man.

He may be 40 seconds and too short a time but alas, the hole may be borehole!

Tonto reminds me of those 3 boys from FUTO who wanted to overcome 40seconds and died for it.

They died trying to impress a horse power woman who might be high on something and that’s what many men do. And they die.

Churchil is lucky, 40 seconds and he is alive!

Tonto is destroying her son who will be confronted with the fact that he is not a human being enough because his father didn’t spend a lifetime on top of his mother trying to get his mother pregnant.

Tonto is destryoing her son,who she claims to love! Someone should stop this girl!

I wonder over and over: Does Tonto Dike remember that this child who should be a bundle of joy will grow up one day to read that her mother said it took his father 40seconds to make him instead of a lifetime effort on top of her? Tonto should realize that it is not how far, but how well.

Some families have spent a lifetime looking on God to bless them with a child,male or female and had even taken advantage medical precudures to no avail. Yet someone is trying to make a carcature of her son.

From her statement,
Tonto opened her legs to Churchill because she thought he was Obasanjo’s son. He motivation was status and money , nothing more. There was no love nor care about anything.

My thoughts are with the small innocent boy and l shed tears for him.

I sincerely pity Tonto Dike with her. She needs love, care, peace and true joy. The absence of these is running her crazy. Family and friends should help her fix her life after Chuchill.

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