Barbuda In Rubbles As Irma Strikes, See Attached Photos

By Ambrose Nwaogwugwu

Barely weeks since Hurricane Harvey struck at the Hauston axis in the United State of America, there came a more devastatingly fatal Irma, a hurricane that has left the people of Barbuda in sorrow and tears.

According to the Prime Minister, Browne, he told ABS News: “The entire housing stock is damaged.”
Hurricane Irma, a Category 5 storm with 185mph winds, has caused far more destruction.

It is estimated that the cost to repair the infrastructure will be no less than 150 million dollars.

“Barbuda is barely habitable.

“At least 60 per cent of people are homeless, even where they are sheltering they are in damaged homes.” Julian Hamilton of Daily Mirror reported. 

Mr Fuller, who leads Team Antigua Atlantic Rowers , believes their boat was the first to reach Barbuda apart from the Coast Guard.

Describing the destruction to Daily Mirror, he said: “It looks like a nuclear bombs gone off over there.

“You’ve seen photos of Hiroshima and Nagasaki after they dropped the nuclear bomb – it looks like that.

“You’re seeing foundations with nothing else, no walls.

“40ft containers that had rolled over people’s houses.

“I don’t know how there was only one fatality.”

But he said despite the devastation, “people were in pretty good spirits, I was surprised.”

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