BB9ja : Emerging Issues – Duru Ositadinma

The joke and reality show of BB9ja is taking another twist. I don’t really know the academic and moral impact of this show to our younger generation who are busy watching this show than the adults who are busy searching for greener pasture due to the hardship in the society.

Big Brother Naija is getting too immoral. Open sex and smoking to get huge reward. We are not talking against it now until we began to see the adverse effect in our society, then we will start shouting “rape”.

Our children are always on social media, watching TV shows more than us. And the worst of it all is that they are about embarking on a long vacation. I don’t really know if our Sensor regulation control agency is working. This is the time to act.

Call it reality show, trend or civilization, The truth is that the future of our children and posterity unborn is in jeopardy if we allow this this moral threatening ugly menace to linger.

Just saying it the way I see it.

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