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So the Liverpool blogosphere is awash with a possible return to Anfield for Philippe Coutinho on a 2 year loan deal from Barca. Looks likely as they have handed his #7 shirt to Griesmann.

While I rate him as a class player, I will rather we allow him move on. Since I started supporting Liverpool, I can’t remember a single player who disrespected the red shirt by pushing for a move the way Coutinho did.

He was so adamant.Klopp begged him, the fans begged him. Klopp even asked him to stay till season end but he refused. Well, that is not my major reason for not wanting him back.

My worry is that we are welcoming back a big shoe who has already devided the supporters and will likely devide the dressing room.Again,

Also Coutinho’s game has shown incapable of redeeming us in the type of games that made us not to win the title:

  1. He is a good passer, but we scored many goals in many games, meaning we are not lacking in people delivering the ball to danger areas.

  2. He is a good shooter from midfield. Well, we may not have scored much from midfield, but we scored many goals.

Remember, His less than standard defending baggage isn’t gonna just disappear.

I think we need solutions to when teams sat back and blocked their 18 box. That was our only problem last season.

Could Coutinho had made any difference in those 6 games we drew where the teams virtually defended with 10 players? I have my doubts because his skill set lacks what’s needed to unlock an 18 box with 10 players.

I think we need a dribbler with close control. In those games such DRIBBLER could earn us penalty or free kick in dangerous areas. Coutinho is not rated as a dribbler.

To me, bringing him back will only succeed in keeping us at our present state, barring any other acquisitions.Is his input worth risking disrupting the dressing room? I have my doubts. Let us allow Coutinho move on

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