Buhari is a goner – Simeon Nwakandu

I begin this piece with this Biblical quote: Esther 6: 13:
“And Haman told Zeresh his wife and all his friends every thing that had befallen him. Then said his wise men and Zeresh his wife unto him, If Mordecai be of the seed of the Jews, before whom thou hast begun to fall, thou shalt not prevail against him, but shalt surely fall before him”.

Like Haman Buhari’s advisers told him clearly that his fall is a certainty. No amount of masked security men, bombers , electoral manipulators or even election result writers would save the day for him. Postponement won’t do the magic. Buhari’s case is the worst electoral conundrum that any leader would find himself.

The first person to give Buhari the red card was our beloved first lady. With courage and love for country, she announced the failure of Buhari’s Presidency. She announced the presence of a vicious bloodsucking cabal. Since then, she has continued to alert the country of criminals usurping the people’s mandate.

Remember, should Buhari get a second term, she would be one of the greatest beneficiaries. But no. Aisha Buhari refused to campaign for her Husband. She shunned the campaigns.

Buhari appointed the loquacious Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi as his Director General for his re-election campaign. But Amaechi in leaked interaction with journalists declared that Buhari is incompetent and lacks capacity. He said the President does not read and under Buhari the nation is going nowhere. Amaechi was one of those who used state funds to sponsor Buhari. He should know the truth. Buhari is a failure.

During the campaigns, everywhere Buhari went he was rejected. The heavy security presence did not deter the people from disgracing him. The height was at the state of his Vice President. The Ogun people stoned him. They booed him and disgraced what is left of this ugly era.

There is no single sector where Buhari has excelled. The man is the true definition of disaster. A plague to Nigeria.

Buhari runs an administration that promotes deaths and insecurity. Nigerians are killed in their numbers under Buhari. Incidentally, some killings are directly perpetrated by the Failed APC Federal Government while others are perpetrated by government backed herdsmen or militants. In Kaduna , the Nigeria Army in one deadly operation killed over one thousand Shiites. The same government officially killed hundreds of IPOB members. Fulani herdsmen who operate at will have killed over fifty thousand people under the Buhari administration. The administration instead of stopping the herdsmen, offer irresponsible reasons on their behalf.

Under the failed administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, the once Peaceful North West has fallen to the deadly arms of Fulani bandits. Communities are sacked everyday and deaths dispensed in Zamfara, Kebbi, Sokoto , Kebbi and Kaduna. Buhari in four years reduced security of lives and property to press statements .

The South-West, South-East and South-South have been reduced to hotbeds of robbery and kidnapping. The security agencies have become helpless. They run faster than civilians when kidnappers and robbers attack.

The North Central is completely erased as a place of security. It is the killing field of Fulani herdsmen. They battle state governments without resistance from the Buhari administration. As I write, more than 25 percent of Benue, Nasarawa, Plateau population would vote from internally displaced persons camps. Their homelands have been hijacked by Fulani herdsmen. They are not safe enough to go home.

Buhari through lack of understanding has destroyed the economy. In about four years, 21 million Nigerians were driven away from their jobs. Buhari has not created just jobs anywhere in the country. Instead, he sends the Vice President to share 10, 000 naira handouts.
The administration sets out deliberately to destroy businesses through incomprehensible policies. The President personally de-markets the country abroad.

Today, Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world. Poverty is directly handed the people by the failed APC Federal Government. Ninety one million Nigerians are living in extreme poverty.

The President’s nepotism is the worst since the country gained independence. He is a leader who deliberately destroys other sections of the country. Discrimination has become an official state policy. According to Buhari, only his kith and kin are qualified to hold key positions. Only them are trusted enough to operate his failed security architecture.

Buhari hates education with a passion nobody can decipher. The Federal Ministry of Education was handed over to a columnist. Since then, it has been collapse after collapse. ASUU strike was suspended for Election purposes.

Buhari’s anti-corruption fight is neck-deep in corruption. The process is illegal and the EFCC Acting Chairman has corruption charges hanging over his head. The anti-corruption fight is at best a scheme to suppress perceived opponents.

The worst corruption cases since Independence have been witnessed under the leadership of Buhari. Several trillions of naira and dollars have been either appropriated or borrowed, but there is no meaningful project anywhere in the country. The few commissioned projects were initiated and paid for by Former President Goodluck Jonathan. We are not aware of what Buhari has done with these funds. There has been stability in crude sales, but no improvement in the economy. The corruption under Buhari belittles the Abacha era.

Sadly, Buhari made the destruction of other arms of Government his official state policy. He used government resources to viciously attack the National Assembly. It got to an all-time low that the DSS invaded the National Assembly. Now the onslaught is against the judiciary. The objective is to rig elections because the administration has failed.

There is no iota of good governance under the Failed APC Federal Government. This is the worst era that we must collectively end. The Buhari administration favours nobody. Everyone is at risk, one way or the other.

Therefore, this latest attempt to rig the 2019 General Elections will fail like other plans before it.

The postponement of the Presidential and National Assembly elections on the day of the elections is desperation taken too far. However, it is a calculated attempt to manipulate the process to create the room for rigging.

Across the country, the PDP had deployed personnel and logistics at great costs. The sudden postponement is aimed at wasting the resources and leaving the main opposition stranded. This strategy is dead on arrival. This is not a PDP struggle. It is a struggle to rescue Nigeria and all Nigerians are involved. Their eyes are on the ball. On February 23, they will return to the trenches and sack Buhari.

The Buhari administration is a national disease that must be cured for the nation to grow. The decision to sack Buhari has been taken. He can only delay the date of Election, but date of handover remains May 29, 2019.

Our responsibility to ourselves is to ensure our survival. National survival can only be possible when Buhari is sacked. Buhari took the country for granted by failing to take responsibility for governance. It is now the responsibility of Nigerians to retire Buhari.

Buhari is a goner. Let him return to Daura to sing lullaby for his grandchildren and attend to his neglected 150 cattle.

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