Buhari Seems To Has Turned Out To Be A Continuation Of A Series Of Bad Deals For Nigeria – Bayo Omisore Writes

Facebook user and lawyer, Bayo Omisore is not impressed with the Buhari led administration and how state governors are trooping to London to visit him.

According to him, ‘Buhari, rather sadly, has turned out to be a continuation of a series of bad deals for Nigeria’.

Read his full post below…

If the spectacle of these London medical conferences does not shame you as a Nigerian, then nothing else will.
In the year 2017 B.C. our elected representatives are attending conferences in London to showcase the sickness of Nigeria.
If I may recall, the last time we had these series of conferences, we were heckling the Englishman for independence.
That was in the fifties. It is decades ago, but sure feels like a millennium now. Today, we are prostate before the same overlords, sick in mind and body, and dependent on the mercy of its healthcare system to function.
And yet, the victims of the perfidy that is epitomized by these shameless rendezvous in London are celebrating the stupid pictorials, almanacs of shame.

APC governors London medical conference today; PDP governors London medical tomorrow. If you think there is really an effective line of demarcation between these two sets of human predators, besides the acronyms, your brain needs a reset.

Mind you, the issue is not Buhari being sick, no, any mortal could succumb to sickness. If he hadn’t fallen this sick, needing extended leave of medical absence from office, his hypocrisy would have remained perpetually hidden. Alas, the inherent frailties of human nature has exposed him. He is just as wasteful and corrupt as the others before him. Corruption here, is only relative to the scale of commission.

The humanity in me would wish him speedy recovery and restoration to health, despite what the huge cost of all these madness represents for the hapless citizens dying avoidable deaths everyday.

Buhari, rather sadly, has turned out to be a continuation of a series of bad deals for Nigeria.