Concerns about ‘FACEAPP’ and our Security – Daniel Ogolo

I have seen some concerned people and commentaries caution people not to use the popular FaceApp mobile application because it ‘steals’ our facial ID for the app owners.

This notion is wrong and misplaced fear.

1st, the same people you are warning not to do it are the same people that have uploaded their best pictures as Profile Pix on virtually every social media network. There are hundreds of scrapper apps that you can download free to scrape profile images from any social site.

2nd, It is not much you can do with regards to security. All our faces and fingerprints are in the servers of USA and China intelligence and every company who is interested.

Your phone and laptop camera can be switched on remotely without you knowing. Your finger typing on your phone screen and unlocking your phone has been sending your finder prints to them for years.

Security IP cameras in every city upload your pix by you simply walking past.

Your phone is listening to you even when you are not making calls. If you doubt me, just stay alone in a quiet place for a while and pick a random product, like “insurance”. Speak about it and repeat the word insurance about 10 to 15 times. Come back to Facebook or Twitter in about 20 minutes and you will see insurance adverts and posts everywhere.

Sorry, our privacy is gone. Yes, they are listening to you making love to your wife and some of them are laughing at her moaning. Let’s get real.

It’s a fucked world already. Use FaceApp if you want, you can’t be worse of.

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