Crisis rock Lagos PDP, as Bode George Advised To Quit Partisan Politics

Crisis rock Lagos PDP as Bode George Advised To Quit Partisan Politics.

Chief Olabode Ibiyinka George, the Atoona Oodua has been advised by the leaders of the Afenifere to quit partisan politics.

The advise is coming on the heel of the lingering crisis that has now taken toll on Lagos PDP for the past months, with various groups pointing accusing fingers at the him, as the main man behind the woes of the party in the State.

Chief Bode George was a former governor in the old Ondo and has been on the corridor of power for many decade, he also served as the National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), wielding so much powers and influence as an elder in the Board of Trustee, his wife Roli George is the overall boss at the NDLEA working for the Buhari’s government.

Chief Bode George in the course of his political life was also sent to Prison on an allegation of fraud which was later dropped by pardon.

In an interview granted by a foremost Afenifere leader, Chief Ayo Adebanjo over the weekend where he spoke about many issues affecting the country, he posited that Chief Olabode George should leave politics for younger people because he has paid his own dues, and have also benefitted from the process to the peak but must now understand that he is getting older for such rigorous activities that politicking requires.

He said, Chief George is an elder Stateman who must not allow himself to be ridiculed out of politics because he was one of the people who have contributed to the advancement of the Yoruba race in Nigeria and across the world.

He future advised that Chief Bode George should now spend more time in looking after himself, and not allow those who would like to use his name to attain their political goal and relevance to over push him, because if anything bad or health related issues happens as a result of his political activities, he would bear the consequence alone. At this point, his involvement should be general advisory role but not to be struggling to remain in power with his children.

The elder Stateman also saluted Otunba Gbenga Daniel for excusing himself from partisan politics, saying that politics is not what one does till death, one must be sensitive to know when to quit the arena to preserve the good name and image built over the years.

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