Do not be deceived, life is NEVER easy anywhere, Graduate says

Do not be deceived, life is NEVER easy anywhere, Graduate says.

A graduate from federal university of technology {Futo},wrote on her facebook timeline about the truth she have come to realize especially as a graduate.

As an undergraduate the words we hear constantly is “i can not wait to graduate and leave this place”, sadly many undergraduate spend their time counting down years, month,days and even seconds left to write that final paper, wear that white shirt soon to be filled with marker of peoples name bidding you farewell and taking that picture in front of the gate that reads “GOODBYE FROM FUTO” that we forget to build the necessary networks and most importantly skills that would fast track our life journey into the world of “AFTER SCHOOL” aka employbility and even the entrepreneur skills everyone is shouting up and down.

Do not be deceived, life is NEVER easy anywhere,
the people you admire today had to work and are still working their ass out to feature in their own present and future.

There are no jobs waiting for you, you see that uncle and aunt promising heaven and earth after you graduate? trust me when the time comes their numbers wont be reachable worst it would be switched off.

So, the sumary of this long sermon is to wake you up to the reality of the outside world and hopefully this would guide you to start today in preparing yourself for the big question “after school what next?”.

Connections might get you into the building, but your skills are your ticket to STAYING. Join that association, volunteer today for that impact event, take that free course online,intern for free at that office, you never know what how these would build you up for your future.

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