Does Rochas Okorocha Deserve Hero’s Welcome Or German Beating?

It was like a carnival. The crowd that took over the streets of Owerri to recieve Rochas Okorocha was huge. They said he travelled to Abuja and was coming home , so they trooped out to give him a rousing welcome him on the bumpy, deplorable roads which he made impassable for them.

You would think that the hero of the people had arrived. There was traffic jam caused by his sea of supporters.

This was the man who made the very roads they passed though impassable. He owed them salaries and even slashed them. He forcefully stole their lands and converted same to self. He impoverished them but enriched his family. He demolished their markets, stores , shops , business places and took away their means of livelihood.

Rochas Okorocha perpetrated crimes against humanity in lmo state and l dare say that Hon Emeka Ihedioha has a task at hand. I don’t envy him.

Should a man like Rochas Okorocha be given a hero’s welcome or Germany’s treatment?
Those of us in Nigeria are gullible and easily deceived than those in diaspora. We can’t hold our leaders accountable and they take us for granted. A man who raped the state is hailed as the Messiah.
What manner of people are we?

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