Don’t get married until discuss this Questions with your intended spouse

Don’t get married until discuss this Questions with your intended spouse.

The rate at which marriage keeps crashing in our day is quite alarming, but the truth is we still have a lot of successful marriages that have stood the test of time. Don’t get discouraged.

Listen love is beautiful, but sometimes it might not be enough to maintain a long lasting and mutual relationship. It’s important to get married to someone who has a full acknowledgement of who they are as a person.

There are some questions you have to ask your fiance/fiancee and make sure you both have clear answers to those questions before you go pledge your vow to each other on the altar of marriage. It is an essential.

Marriage would always test you and stretch you even beyond your limit sometimes; but when you and your partner are on the same page regarding some essential issues that affect marriages and then with God’s wisdom, it’s easier to manage some of the few challenges that comes with being married.

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So let’s dive into some of those questions you both have to answer. I know Bash(my hubby) and I discussed these questions before we got married. It gave us a clearer perspective on what we were getting into.

So some of the questions includes but are not restricted to the following:

1. What’s the relationship with your family and friends like? And would we have relatives living with us when we get married? Which city would we live in when we get married?

2. What are your financial goals in terms of annual income, revenue to be generated per time, business/investment plans, what your money spending habits are? Savings and investment habits? If there are any outstanding debts around the corner? What would happen if we both have jobs or businesses in different states?

3. Would you want to have kids right away? When should we start having kids in terms of intervals? How many kids? If we don’t get pregnant immediately, what other options should we opt for?

4. How would we share our responsibilities in terms of running our home? Who does what chores?

5. What’s your idea on both spouses working to contribute to the homefont? Would you want to raise kids, then work after they are grown?

6. Discuss your various dreams and aspirations. Short term and long term goals. Be sure your ambitions both match on similar levels.

7. What are your religious beliefs, if you share the same faith and your understanding about God? The values and religious beliefs to instill in your kids.

8. A couple’s sex life is a huge part of the marriage also. So ensure you settle for someone you are attracted too. Are you both attracted to each other?

9. Ask about health issues, if there are sicknesses that are hereditary in both families. If there are sexual infections or consequences from past relationships/mistakes?

10. Are you both happy with each others approach to lifestyle, health habits, social habits and other aspects of life?

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These 👆 are some essential questions to ask each other before marriage. There are others, but we can save them for another day.

So let me ask you, what are some questions you would want to ask your intended spouse or you asked your spouse before marriage? Answer in the comment section. I hope you found this useful.

Stay blessed, favoured and productive. God bless you.

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