Election 2019: Encouraging Nigerian Women to VOTE – Tagbo Ijeoma

Statistics from previous elections,show that the involvement of women in electoral processes and in voting is very poor, that is why Nigerian Women Trust Fund in conjunction with INEC deemed it fit to organize this awareness/training in different Local governments in Nigeria.

I Tagbo Ijeoma, As a voter educator, I sensitized the women of Owerri West local government on the need to exercise their right to vote.

Our aim is to increase participation of women, youth and other marginalized groups in the electoral process in Nigeria.

I believe that if development of any kind is to be achieved then women should be involved in decision making. They should also be given a voice. The desire of INEC is that women should show interest in politics.

I encourage all Nigerian women including young ladies to go with their PVC and vote the right candidate.

Remember your vote is your right.

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