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Prince Kalada Allison.

Prince Kalada Allison was born on the 31st July, 1984. Into the family of Mr/Mrs Gabriel Mielayeofori Godwill. From Oloma community in Bonny local Government Area, Rivers State.

Prince Kalada Allison is married to Mrs. Queen Wokoma Allison, An Actress with Nollywood. From the Wokoma’s family in Buguma community of the kalabari clan. Both are devoted Christian, Prince Kalada Allison is youthful and believes in the youthful movement,innovative and transparency.

Prince Kalada Allison is a graduate of Computer science from Benson Idahosa university Benin city, with a first class degree Hon. Also have a degree in HSE 1-3, Occupational safety and NEBOSH, a masters degree in Data Management from university of Ghana.

Prince Kalada Allison is a successful  Business Man, the CEO OF PKQ GLOBAL COMPANY LIMITED.



Mission Statement.


When Rivers State was created in 1967, it was purely to suit the then military Government and what the federal government wanted to achieve in a war situation as it were then. Rivers State was not created for development and so it remained undeveloped till date.

Successive administrations in our civilian government have done what they termed their best but indeed nothing at all to develop Rivers State work force including vocational craft, thus Rivers State remains poor with its people.

Therefore my government will focus on those aspects bearing in mind that when it’s successfully executed Rivers State would have achieved;

-Constant power generation


-Commercial and

-Economic booms of Rivers people

-Empowerment of our people

-Poverty eradication

-Crime eradication

-Self confidence and economic independence and

-Created atmosphere for talents to excel in all ramifications.


Rivers State lacks workforce much as it lacks industries that will create jobs and empowerment for Rivers people. Therefore my government through its policy will declare a state of emergency on training workforce and vocational crafts men and women in this State.

•Industrial parks:
plenty attention has been given to oil and it’s proceeds over a period of time but my government will completely drift to building Manufacturing industries through the creation of industrial park that will be well equipped with modern technologies. Grants will be made available for Rivers artisans and industrialist to excel in a production economy.

•Commercial parks:
my government will equally create commercial parks to buy off products from the industrial parks, for exports and sales to other parts of the country in order to encourage participation through a “win win policy.

The idea to move away from oil economy to industrial economy is borne out of the desire to train surplus workforce and vocational crafts men and women in this State using Rivers youths that currently engage in nefarious acts of wide ranges and getting them trained and engaged for production and empowerment. This becomes important because oil economy is at its brink of extinction, with the global focus on renewable energy.

My government aim, remains on the people of Rivers State and how best to better their lots through the eradication of poverty amongst them.  Therefore delivering on “good governance “is a must and inclusive government also a “must” irrespective of political and religious divides. This we have never had before.

I am coming to government solely to create wealth amongst Rivers people targeting our youths and demystifying the old wrong assumption that “once elected, one becomes lord”. This believe and practice will have no place in my government because I will replace it with complete accessibility of government by the people and glaring accountability.


I, PRINCE KALADA ALLISON have today offered myself to serve the entire RIVERS PEOPLE irrespective of party affiliations, age, gender and religion in the most humble and transparent manner as Governor.  I promise all Rivers people that I will deliver on my “agenda” when given the opportunity. I shall be accountable to the people of Rivers State as I am determined to perform to your admiration as the Governor of this State. .

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  1. Well said. Nice speech, I pray all you've said in your (manifesto) will be achieved as stated. More Grace and strength to your governing. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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