Biological Father defiles a 3-days-old baby girl, as the mother goes for a birth

A three (3) days old baby has died after allegedly being defiled by his 35 years old father on Thursday night. The suspect has since been arrested and he is currently in police custody.

In a statement issued in Mansa, Luapula Province Police Commissioner Elias Chushi says the baby was bleeding from the virgina, umbilical cord, mouth and nose when physical examination was conducted by Darry Chanda, a health worker at Lukolongo Health post.

Mr Chushi explains that Facts of the matter are that Brenda Kasakula, the mother to the deceased aged 29, went to bath leaving her three (3) days old baby girl sleeping in the same house with the father, Christopher Kasakula.

He says while bathing, she heard her baby scream which prompted her to rush to the room and asked the father what transpired and why the baby was bleeding from virgina and umbilical cord.

Mr Chushi says the suspect expressed ignorance, stormed out of the room and ran away before the mother alerted the neighbours. He says the baby was rushed to Lukolongo clinic 25 kilometres from the village where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

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