Finances and reasons why money matters in relationships

Finances and reasons why money matters in relationships.

I have said it several times that having money is not a guarantee for love. But it’s important to have money so that it can help in expressing your love, foot bills and creating fond memories.

See, as much as love conquers all; Love on its own still does not have the capacity to provide a roof over our heads if we do not learn to set our finances right. Inadequate funds or lack of funds always has a way of causing friction in relationships. Most relationship issues can be traced to financial challenges between couples.

For example, let’s look at the case of an expectant parent. During delivery, you both have to find a way of settling the hospital bills. This bills have to be sorted out financially, elements of love can’t be translated to monetary value.

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So now let’s look at some reasons why money matters in relationships:

1. Having a financial plan together is important.
If you want to get married, have kids and settle other bills that comes with living as a family; you can’t underestimate the role of money in making all these happen. Where you spend your money dictates how you live and how you both achieve your goals.

2. It’s very easy to fight about money.
Love is the factor that should bind every relationship, but when financial challenges begins to shake a relationship deeply; Chances are you see the survival of that relationship threatened if not properly managed.

3. Understanding your partners financial habits.
Some people are natural investors/savers and others are natural spenders. They enjoy the extravagant lifestyle, whether they can afford it or not. You both must understand the class you fall in to help you find balance so the family does not run into debt that would ruin you. Why create conflicts when you can avoid it.

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4. Money helps to meet day to day basic needs and also financial plans that you would need to execute.
If you or your partner cannot be responsible with finances, don’t build hope about creating wealth as a family. If your wife or husband is the one that knows how to save/invest or is financially responsible, then it’s advisable to leave most financial decisions in their hands. But most importantly you both should seek financial knowledge.

5. It can be burdensome sometimes when one partner alone carries the responsibility of the family.
This is even worse in cases where the significant other chooses to only spend without bringing anything to the table. Different homes have what works for them though, it depends on what was agreed upon. But at the end of the day, it’s important to have a little or more knowledge of how money works to be able to maintain a healthy marriage.

I hope you have found this useful. Thank you for always reading and following. I pray your relationships and marriages never fail. Knowledge is still power. As you strive to get better as an individual, also aim for better relationships. Don’t forget to tag people that would find this 👆 useful. God bless you.

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