For those asking why Timi’s Wife didn’t speak out for 20 years

It’s very obvious our people don’t rationalize things properly. I believe they are pretending they don’t know the power of pastors over the lives of many families.

Have they not heard of pastors who gave bleach to adults to drink? Did the adults speak out? No, some even died

Have they not heard of Rev King who burnt his members, yet people were still attending his church? Did they talk; did they stop?

Have they not heard that even after Rev King was jailed for his crime that adult female prison wardens opened their legs for him to make love and 2 got pregnant? Did they talk?

Have they not heard that pastors rub olive oil on female private part and even touch their clit in what they call cleansing? Did they talk ? Didn’t more girls queue up to be fingered?

Have they not heard of pastors who sucks female breast tit in what he says is to remove demons. Did they complain?

Haven’t they heard of pastor who makes girls suck his dick so they get husbands? Did the girls complain?

Haven’t they heard of pastor that coarced a female member to murder her husband after he the pastor impregnated the woman? Did she talk?

The stories are endless. There is one common denominator:
The devilish pastors already know they have psychologically overpowered their victims. They operate from the angle of power over their victims and threaten them with God.

It’s sickening why an adult will open his/her mouth and say ‘touch not my anmointed” for a rapist!

Timi’s wife I believe was under such compelling command by her family pastor then, Pastor Biodun. These people know how to coarse and control people and turn them into zombies.

Whether it’s ordinary or spiritual, I can’t understand it. That’s why the girl couldnt talk and continued with the church.

All the victims I listed here, non of them stopped attending the churches where they were molested or their loved ones killed.

For every woman that opens up, there are a thousand more who cannot open up due to fear and another 10,000 who are avoiding the stigma.

Pretending you don’t know that these pastors have caged some families and completely frozen their brain is childish.

Let’s discuss the rape and not why she did not open up. She was 16 and couldn’t talk but we have seen adults old enough to be her grand parents being molested by pastors and still cant talk.

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