Go For A Spouse Who Loves/Fears God #godlyrelationships #marriages

Go For A Spouse Who Loves/Fears God.

When you hear “Marry a man or a woman that fears God or value their relationship with God”, you would say “They have come again” Maybe you want a six packs man, a man or woman with a job, or a spouse with plenty money, or maybe you want someone who looks at you like you are the most important person in the whole world.

Well all these attributes and more are very important. I understand that we all have our expectations.

But in all your requirements of a spouse, please go after someone that loves God enough not to sin against God.

When you have a man or woman that loves and fears God, he/she won’t want to hurt God first; this means as a wife/husband of such person,.

You know that your spouse won’t want to hurt you in anyway because in doing that, they would be hurting God.

Let me use an illustration for better clarification. Remember the story of Joseph in the Bible? When Potiphar’s wife tempted him to sleep with her, before he fled; he said something of great importance.

He said “I would not commit such a great sin against God” For him his relationship with God was very important more than just being promoted by his Master’s wife, so he was not willing to compromise.

Let me tell you all something, in marriage temptations come and go. This temptations are not gender specific, it happens to both men and women.

So it’s not enough to say my husband or wife loves me so much, they won’t hurt or wrong me. It’s fine for your spouse to love you so much, but at the end of the day we are all humans.

There are times we may fail.

But when the reason you do the right thing is far more than just your spouse but pleasing God, then somehow you would always want to be in the right path.

So to this end, I still say marry a man or woman who wants to please God daily, then you can be certain in pleasing God; the will to also want to please you would come. If you ask “How do I know one? ” Well I would say, it would be evident in their actions.

Hope I made sense. I just shared because I am certain someone out here needs to hear this.

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