I don’t regret joining Islamic State, Australian woman says

I don’t regret joining Islamic State, Australian woman says.

An Australian woman who left the country to join ISIS in Syria has revealed she doesn’t regret living under the Islamic State and has no plans to return to home.

Janai Safar, 24, vowed never to return to Australia where she says there are ‘naked women on the streets’ and she could face ten years in jail.

The mother-of-one, who was a nursing student in Sydney before leaving the country in 2015, was tracked down and interviewed by The Australian on Monday in Kurdish refugee camp Roj in northern Syria.

She told the publication she refuses to raise her son, two-year-old Uthman, in a non-Islamic country and fears he could be taken away from her upon her return.

‘It was my decision to come here to go away from where women are naked on the street. I don’t want my son to be raised around that,’ she said.

She insisted she never trained or fought but simply acted as a housewife to her jihadi husband.

Ms Safar said she fears that if she returns home she will be jailed and the state will take her child away from her.

Ms Safar explained she and her cousin, who she only identified as Aylam, met their husbands in Raqqa between 2015 and 2017.

They made the decision to join the jihadi group after watching material online and ‘studying’ together and then fled without telling their families.

she stress and say ‘I don’t regret coming to Syria. I don’t regret living under ­Islamic State. I didn’t tell my husband I was leaving,’ she added.

The two women are believed to have ties to ISIS commanders who were accused of plotting a bomb attack on an Australian flight in 2017.

Ms Safar revealed the Department of Foreign ­Affairs and Trade interviewed her on the two men’s involvement in the alleged plot which she said was ‘not true.’

She claimed her husband had never spoken about violence or terrorism, but said he did own weapons – as did ‘everyone.’

She did not go into further detail other than saying he was a Lebanese Australian who had died in a car crash a year ago.

Ms Safar revealed she, her cousin, and her cousin’s husband left the Islamic State after they were told to leave Raqqa during an attack in 2017.

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