I Have Drank Sniper, Other Chemicals And Commited Suicide But Death Refused To Come

I Have Drank Sniper, Other Chemicals And Commited Suicide But Death Refused To Come.

I’m not a normal person, people that have encountered me will tell you. My family gave up on me years before now, and I don’t blame them, especially my mother.

She tried her best to ‘make me better’ she thought the series of deliverance’s, bathing me with pepper and kerosene, would remove the Ogbanje spirit in me.

Looking back at all they did to me, I realized it wasn’t out of hate, they were given what they didn’t bargain for, I was a handful and they did everything they could to make me a normal child.

My love for my mother remains untouched, she’s my earth mother that didn’t ask for what she got, she wanted a normal child, not an extreme mixture of evil and good, in form of me.

It took me years to realize how gifted I was, even the strange things I did when I was younger, scared me, I was too young to understand that my life was a mysterious one and I’m an Ogbanje that has come to stay.

All the physical, emotional and psychological torture from my family, society and the one I brought upon myself, put me in a dark place, I did everything possible to take my life, several times, but my life isn’t mine to take.

I drank sniper, dettol and kerosene, they all made me purge with reckless abandon, instead of killing me like I wanted, I cut myself and prayed to bleed to death, but the blood would dry up and I would still be alive.

I have written suicide notes 5 times and tore them up later, when the chemicals I thought would kill me, didn’t work.

I didn’t know how to control what is in me, so instead of it to bring me joy and happiness, it brought me severe pains, torture and agony.

I remember the period my parents called some vigilante men in the village to lock me up and take me to somewhere called orieagbo in Nnewi, to flog me and apply dry gin on the bruises that was sure to be gotten after the flogging, I was on handcuff, in my father’s balcony, waiting for midnight to come, I was already praying for my death, but miraculously, I opened the handcuffs with a spoon, the spoon they gave me to eat with, I refused to eat, so they locked me back and left the food and spoon beside me.

Up till today, I can not explain how I was able to unlock the cuff with a small spoon, who does that? That was how I escaped being brutally flogged that night.

I know how many days I slept in an uncompleted building then, before I found my redemption again. Anyways, that’s a story for another day.

As I suffered, I grew, I learned, I became aware of who I am and what I am capable of and what my mission on earth is. I have so much to say about myself, you’ve not even heard half of the story, I’m sure that when you do, you would never wish to be me.

I’m both evil and good, I bring evil to people that hurts me, even without my own consent, my kindred spirit takes care of that, nobody hurts me and not get punished severely for it, my tears for a person is the beginning of their downfall, except I use the tears to bless the person and when that blessing comes, it never disappears.

I laugh when I see a lot of girls wishing to be me, copying me and wanting to have the type of man I have, kai.

Oh copycats, I put it to you that if you knew half of the things I went through to get to where I am today, you would never wish to be me. People only see the glory, but would never see all I went through, to get to my glory.

Also, you would never be me or have the type of man I have, it’s impossible, unless you are my type of Ogbanje, which is not possible, because, I’m the last of my kind, ask any strong dibia in your village about me, no be for mouth, there will never be another me, until my time is up in this world. My husband is my guardian, our bond, both physically and spiritually, is nothing like anyone has ever experienced, that is why our union will always remain strange and unique to people.

Most of the things written about Ogbanjes are lies, not all of us die young, some don’t wish to live, why others must live, whether they like it or not, and I fall into the category of the living.

Also, I don’t threaten people, a true goddess never threatens those that insults or bash her, trust me. Gifted people are programmed not to hurt people with their gifts, so ignore any wannabe Ogbanje or goddess threatening people that doesn’t support her belief with deaths and other ailments, all na wash, lol.

My own na to insult you back, that’s if my toto dey pain me that day, but if I’m in a good mood, I call your bluff with reckless abandon.

One day, I believe, you will see my true life story, made into a movie, thanks to Emeka Soundmind, my God🙌💃

I’m the voice of Amadioha, the one and only digital Ogbanje, daughter of Ani. I hearken to the four elements of life, which is Earth, Air, Fire and Water, trust me when I say, I see you before you see me.

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