Ihedioha’s Meeting With Buhari; Reconnecting Imo to National Grid

Pictures of Gov Emeka Ihedioha meeting with president Buhari at the presidential villa have greeted the blogosphere, sparking cheers from Imolites. Ordinarily, there is nothing to celebrate with a governor meeting with the president. It is a routine thing. But for a state starved of federal presence, infrastructure wise, for the past eight years, even after the much taunted close relationship that existed between the former governor Okorocha and president Buhari, Ihedioha’s meeting with the president is something worthy of discourse.

It was only in Imo state that a state built some structures and donated it to the federal government while other states were enjoying infrastructures built by the Federal government. Gov Ihedioha’s message to pressmen men after the meeting was filled with hope and purposefulness. He said, “ I am sure that the narratives you will get from Imo under my watch are that of transparency, participatory governance, rule of law and true democracy.”

It is clear that Gov Ihedioha knows that Rebuilding Imo would involve reaching out to people, and with his national appeal, intelligence and sincerity, it will be hard for the presidency not to help in rebuilding the state. If Imo had gotten her entitlements from the federal government in infrastructures, the state would have been better for it. Most federal roads in the state need dare urgent maintainance. No federal government program of any sort was felt in Imo state under the past administration

Gov Ihedioha, who recently adopted the TSA, a federal government initiative, in Imo state, undertands that president Buhari is not the president of any political party, but of the nation. Hence, he is banking on that to make sure Imo State is no longer left out in the scheme of the federal government.

A former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Ihedioha has learnt the political ropes and how to broker deals with individuals, government, agencies for the development of the state. The counterpart funding project at Urualla is one of the examples to show that Ihedioha would stop at nothing to bringing back Imo State to its pride of place.

Imo state is on the path of greatness!

Join hands Let’s Rebuild Imo

Aic Akwarandu writes from Owerri

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