Indonesia Woman Flogged In Public For Having Sex Outside wedlock

Indonesia Woman Flogged In Public For Having Sex Outside wedlock.

A woman on monday whipped on stage for having sex outside marriage in Indonesia, to the delight of many spectators watching in the crowd.

These horrifying photos show an Indonesian woman dressed in a white veil, kneeling on stage while an official holding a cane prepared to flog her and a crowd gathered to witness the Sharia law flogging.

This barbaric punishment that took place in the city of Banda Aceh, in Indonesia’s Aceh province, where women are subject to strict local laws.

Public whippings such as these are common for crimes including gambling, drinking alcohol, having homosexual sex and having sex before marriage.

A 100-stroke punishment is reserved for the most severe crimes and offenders may also be sentenced to prison time.

Many men in crowd can be seen looking delighted by the punishment and came to film or take photos of the spectacle as it happened.


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