Kadaria Ahmed: Lost Grip of the Interview Session for partisan reasons – Chibiko Amarachukwu

I am happy  that Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi  clearly explained  how they would revive Nigeria. They spelt the road to recovery.

The Interviewer, Kadaria Ahmed struggled desperately to place the PDP Candidates on a back foot, but failed. She almost cried at a point. 

As an interviewer, she took a partisan position, singing more that Lai Mohammed.  She worked hard to justify her keep and was desperately agitated when the duo refused to go under.

The truth is that Nigerians want Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi.  They are tired of the Buhari administration that is high on rhetoric, propaganda and lies but low on performance. 

Kadaria was unnecessarily  rude and Pro-APC to a fault. She looked unhappy when it was obvious that the Presidential Candidate of the PDP had the upper hand.

Imagine an interviewer telling a guest that we should be serious, because he made an analogy that  dislodged her pessimistic  stance .

I am happy that Atiku/Obi enumerated their programmes to lift Nigerians from poverty, create jobs and rebuild the economy.  They outlined their programmes to tackle insecurity and set the country on the path of growth. 

As an interviewer, Ahmed almost ruined the programme.  But I am glad that the candidates were prepared  to lead Nigeria out of the woods.  They refused to be distracted by a compromised  interviewer. 

When she confessed that  she didn’t want to sound like an APC apologist, it was obvious that her conscience had been pricked by her outbursts.  But she kept on interjecting to kill the flow of the  candidates. What she did was a clear case of public institutions thinking that they are under obligation to defend the failed APC Federal Government. As a collaborator with NTA, she failed to be neutral. Kadaria’s recklessness and partisanship is a reminder that all voters must remain vigilant to stop Buhari from using security agencies and INEC to rig.

Nonetheless, the decision has been taken.  Nigeria has decided  to go the way of Atiku-Obi for national development. 

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