Latching on the gains of Miss Nigeria and BBN

A few weeks ago in the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, Rivers State born Tasha was well on her way to winning the show by a wide margin until her disqualification. But then she came with a baggage of perceived semi-illiteracy, being vulgar and rude; At least that’s what her detractors sold to everyone, and many agree, bar her supporters.

Then a few days ago, another Rivers State indigene, Miss Nyekachi Douglas won the Silverbird Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN), the most prestigious beauty pergentry in Nigeria.

Tasha followership is like cult followership; they see nothing wrong with her. And she is damn popular, at least for now. She was however used as another object of ridicule by ‘detractors’ of Rivers State. Some presented her as an example of a broken state that can’t produce anything good.

A smart state government will latch on the now popularity of these two ladies and score some social points and draw interest and possible investments to the state.

I expect the Rivers State government to quickly draw up a line of action centering around the MBGN winner, invite and host her lavishly and even cover it Live on TV for the entire Nigeria to see. Then sign a contract to use her popularity while it lasts.

They will achieve 2 things:

  1. to prove to people that beautiful girls abound in the state (no pretence, men are suckers for beauties, and will believe there are many more where this one came from).

  2. Market the state to deflect the discuss from the almost daily crime and criminality to lessen the negative impacts of these social menace to outsiders.

  3. Prove to her own female youth that while on one hand, it’s in support of good manners and decorous behavior, on another hand it is not in support of semi-illiteracy and vulgarity and will support good manners.

Right now as it stands, the disqualified BBN lady is still very much popular than the MBGN winner. That’s obvious, being that she appeared on screens for about 3 uninterrupted months.

Miss Nyekachi Douglas will be under contractual obligations with the MBGN and her appearances may be limited and she will surely be time constrained, so the time to act is now. Show your interest so she builds it into her plans. The govt should show the female folk that they are serious and in doing so, score some points also. #Show_Working

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