Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates Named the world’s second ‘centi-billionaire’ with a fortune of $100 billion.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates Named the world’s second ‘centi-billiowith a fortune of $100 billion.

Bill Gates Named World’s Second ‘Centi-Billionaire’ Becomes Second Person In The World with a fortune of $100 Billion.
Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, become the world’s second ‘centi-billionaire’ after his fortune reached the $100 billion thresholds.

According to Bloomberg,  which tracks the wealth of the planet’s richest people through its Billionaires Index, the Microsoft co-founder has already earned $9.5 billion so far this year – taking him right up to the magic $100 billion marks.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos became the first centi-billionare in history in November 2017 and is now worth $146 billion.

Bezos, who started e-commerce marketplace Amazon in 1994, has amassed a staggering $20.7 billion since January 1.

The climbing fortunes of Gates and Bezos are indicative of America’s expanding wealth gap.

The middle class has a significantly smaller share of overall U.S. income and wealth than it did four decades ago – and it’s losing ground to the richest of the rich, who have nearly doubled their share of overall U.S. income since 1980.

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