Miyyeti Allah North East Endorses Atiku/Governor Ishaku

The Miyyeti Allah North East endorsed His Excellency Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku of Taraba state and Alh Abubakar Atiku, the event took place at the Government house premises Jalingo with good numbers of Fulani’s in attendance.

They were led by the Chairman Miyetti Allah North East Alh Mafindi.

The Miyetti Allah who are known for their detest of the Darius and PDP led Government took everyone by surprise when they stormed the Government house to announce their support for the reelection of Governor Darius Ishaku.

The Governor in his response said he is indeed short of words because he never expected this at a time like this saying they are the last people he thought could accept him.

Nevertheless Darius said he knew that one day the truth will surely be unveiled and they will return to support him and move Taraba forward .

Governor Ishaku however thanked them for the support they’ve resolved to give him and promised to work with them hand in hand in making sure that they no only enjoy their stay in Taraba but also make a better living out of their Cattle business.

Darius admonished them to be law abiding and to conduct themselves in such a manner which peace will always reign amongst them.

The Chairman Miyetti Allah North East Alh Mafindi speaking said they’ve been deceived for long but today they are before the Governor to ask for forgiveness and to openly declare their love and support for him, Atiku and PDP.

He said for the past three years they’ve been in pains because of the ignorance they were put in by some selfies individuals, he said if not for anything at least for the fact that the Governor showed his total support and concerned for them and the victims of the crisis through out is enough to have known he was a good man.

Mafindi said Buhari has never cared for them no did he even asked of how they faired since after the crisis and tagged him as one who they (Fulani’s ) in the North East can not tryst with their votes any longer

Mafindi however ordered that all Ardos be enrolled into the Taraba Marshalls in order to successfully establishe the Ranching bill that was passed by the State government because they now understands that it is the best practice for them and their animals.

He said their votes are for Darius and Atiku and nothing will change their stands because they’ve realise who Darius is and what are his plans for them and for Taraba.

He ended by saying that they don’t need anything in return from the Governor but after the election when he emerges as the winner he should remember them. They unanimously endorsed the presidential candidate of the peoples Democratic Party PDP His Excellency Alh Atiku Abubakar and His Excellency Governor Darius Dickson Ishaku for the February 16th and March 2nd General elections.

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