Nigerian Couple Divorce Barely Two Months After Their Societal Wedding In Delta

This is the picture of their engagement ring and it all end in divorce.

A couple who had a society wedding in January 2018 has announced that they are getting a divorce.
It was indeed a great bless marriage for Mr omorode and Doris.
Mr Omorode and Doris Omoraka had a high society wedding in Delta state early this year, but the husband has announced that they can no longer live together.

Reasons best known to him.

Mr Omorode who made the announcement said divorce is better than death in marriage and as such, they are going their separate ways. He did not give a reason for the divorce and added that it’s their final decision.
Mr Omorode’s statement reads:

“From the couple Mr Omorode and Doris , we just divorce now, because the thing nor work. It is good to divorce than for one to die in marriage, I, Mr Omorode have declared that Doris Omoraka is a free woman. She can move with her friends from now upwards. In case anybody see or saw her from today 12th of March 2018, they should know that I Omorode and Doris are not together and she is now free. I Omorode have decided that Doris should not come close to me please, and I will never go close to her. Please inform Sapele, Delta State ,Nigeria and the world at large that we are done. This is the couple final decision for peace to reign”

Nigerian monitor made his report known.

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