Nigerian Government and Yahoo Yahoo Boys Saga

Nigerian Government and Yahoo Yahoo Boys Saga.

I’m not a yahoo yahoo person but the truth must be told.

The situation in Nigeria has got out of hand as evidenced in recent GDP report and other negative variables.

According to the facebook user, Nigeria is a scalar entity that has no direction but with empty magnitude of a dead country.

Be reminded that a hungry man is an angry man hence man must survive.

Insofar as someone doesn’t engage in theft, killing and other evil acts, it is a go, anyhow….haha.

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Yahoo Yahoo boys are much better than Nigeria’s Federal and State governments because they are taking care of themselves and relatives.

The Federal and State governments are useless since they can’t create jobs and provide basic necessities of life for the citizens.

The government has failed woefully in its primary responsibilities but is only interested in looting the treasury.

Hypocritical Comedian Alibaba that’s condemning yahoo yahoo guys should go to hell.

Why can’t Alibaba and his friends demonstrate or protest against the evils of the government but he is busy running his mouth like a tap water against small boys that are hustling to survive?

What’s the difference between yahoo yahoo boys and Federal government, of course “na same same”.

The yahoo boys scam greedy people while Federal and State governments scam the poor masses of Nigeria.

The only time i will hate yahoo yahoo guys is when they engage in ritualistic mumbo jumbo or any criminal activities.

Nigeria is a ZOO!

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