NYCN President, Amb. Sukubo Suspended R/S Deputy Chairman, for causing fractions in the youth Council |Megafetch

The Emergency Management committee meeting of the National Youth Council of Nigeria [NYCN] held at the Youth Council Office, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. On 3th of September, 2018.
The NYCN National President, took time To address the uncalled act that is effecting the Rivers State youth council chapter.

The National President of National Youth Council of Nigeria [NYCN]. Amb. Sukubo,  says what liggering on Rivers State chapter is unacceptable and causing fractions in the Council, he stated that the deputy chairman, amb. Chijioke Ihunwo took an undertaken that he will not be part of those that will cause chaos in the Youth Council. Later find wanting and involved in violating the laws of the council.

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The NYCN secretary said that necessary steps have been taken to call back Amb. chijioke Ihunwo to order, in his speech he say that the executives has called him to appear before the council, but the R/s deputy chairman,refuses to appear, he added and say that such action carry out by the amb. Chijioke is misfiring”

The National President said it needs to be addressed properly, so that we can forge ahead”
He also express and say every decisions will be Executed. According to Megafetch agency, all the Council members all concluded, the Executive NYCN President, amb. Sukubo Saraigbe Sukubo, said according to the NYCN Constitution, suspended Amb .Chijioke Ihunwo. For violating the National Youth Council Of Nigeria [NYCN] Rules and law that bind the association.

On the followinng Reasons;

For self declaration as the Acting Chairman of the Council hereby coursing fractions in the Council Underminding Undertaking he took on the 30th of  March 2018 .which stated if I Chijioke Ihunwo, the Deputy Chairman of the NYCN R/S Chapter if found wanting in this respect I will liable to any action that will be taken against me by the Council. 

It was also gathered that on 30th March, 2018. Amb. Chijioke Ihunwo took an undertaken not to do anything that will bring fractions among the youth Council and will not jeopardise the image of the youth Council.

See his letter;

The Entire Council, Also directed the suspended Deputy Chairman Amb Chijioke Ihunwo to hand over all the Council property in his position to the Secretary of the Council Amb Prince Barine Yaale.   

Watch video; 

The NYCN Pan Secretary describe R/S Deputy Chairman, amb. Chijioke Ihunwo. actions as “misfiring”

Other issues discussed are; 
 – 107 Affiliate Youth  Organization has been Revalidated.

-Aspecting the 2018 Constitution of the NYCN as Reviewed as a working documents in the council.

Watch video;

NYCN legal adviser speak regarding the NYCN LGA ELECTION. 

-Local government NYCN Election to be held on the 6th of October 2018.

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