Obiano Visits Onitsha Accident Scene, Promises Quick Compensation for Victims


The Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has assured traders in Ochanja Market whose goods and properties were consumed in the petrol tanker inferno that engulfed Onitsha on Wednesday that the State government would give them compensation before the end of this year.

Speaking while on tour of the accident scene in Onitsha, Governor expressed deep regrets at the collosal losses inflicted by the fire on traders and other residents of the city and assured that his administration would move in with succor.

Said he: “I am very saddened by this incident and I sympathize with everyone who has lost someone or his wares or shops to this incident. I have already set up a Panel that is headed by the Deputy Governor. The technical committee of this panel will visit this place to acertain the number of shops and people that lost their wares. We shall go shop by shop and put down their names. We will be able to compensate them for their losses.”

Governor Obiano charged Onitsha residents to be their brother’s keepers in moments of grief and adversity, warning them not to take advantage of the present challenges to take the laws into your hands.

Recalling the horrible fire outbreak, Governor Obiano said, “Yesterday, I was informed that while the fire was raging, many things that should not have happened took place. Please be law abiding. We are very sorry for what happened. We are going to ensure that the people that were affected are compensated.”

The governor further warned that the state would not tolerate any harrassment of government officials that would soon be visiting the city to ascertain the extent of damage done to lives and property and promised that, “If you cooperate with them, it will be very easy and we will be able to give you people compensation before Christmas.”

Accordint to him, “The Panel will look into why the firefighters were prevented from doing their work. We are going to revamp the fire service arrangements around this area one more time and see what we can do.”

He announced that the government had set aside some funds to support the victims of the disaster saying, “I want you to believe your government. We are working hard to ensure that we have a crimefree Christmas. This will not dampen our spirits. I urge you to take heart. We are all saddened by this.”

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