Pastor Biodun: Death that want to kill a dog will first block its power to perceive

This man has been accused of rapes and sexual harassments for 4 times in 6yrs by different girls but each time he uses his influence and money to intimidate these girls. And what busola did was to use her experience in the hands of the pastor to give hope to other helpless victims and potential victims.

However, we am not saying that pastor Biodun should not defend himself, no, but to answer the allegations against him but instead of coming down to lagos to answer for his sins he went and reported another case in Abuja claiming conspiracy and defamation.

How can he claim to be defamed when he is yet to come to lagos to make his own statement regarding the rape case?

He wants to flex powers and money to show he is connected but I can tell you that the death that wants to kill a dog will first block his power to perceive.

The pastor thinks he is still dealing with those small victims that he usually paid off and intimidated, unfortunately he is wrong this time.

Most Nigerians are behind Dakolos while he paid those that protested for him, paid influential bloggers to defend him on social media, and now the police.

What is he afraid of?

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