Pay your clerics’ four months outstanding salary first, group slams Ekiti Anglican Bishop

The Anglican Bishop of Ekiti Diocese, Rt Reverend Christopher Omotunde has been told to pay the four months outstanding salaries of clergymen under his Diocese first before commenting on governance in Ekiti State, especially the immediate past administration of Ayodele Fayose.

The Ekiti Democratic Coalition (EDC), which said this in a statement issued on Monday, disclosed that “under Reverend Omotunde,  over N60 million is being owed as four months salary of over 170 clergymen under his Diocese and criticizing the government of Fayose should not be the priority of someone under whom four months salary is being owed.”

In the statement signed by its Convener, Comrade Ogunlola Olatunde, the group noted that it was ungodly for a man of God who never saw anything wrong in the Fayose’s government throughout the four year tenure to now suddenly remember that the government did not do well.

EDC said it was sad that a supposed Man of God could descend to the political arena, by closing his eyes and mind to all the developmental efforts of the Fayose government.

“An Anglican Bishop describing Fayose’s tenure as a waste and non-beneficial to Ekiti people is to say the least, ungodly.

“This is more so that this same Bishop has failed to pay four months salary of clergymen under his Diocese and we wonder if Fayose’s government was also responsible for this because clergymen in other Dioceses in Ekiti State are not being owed.

” Rather than hiding under the most revered Anglican Church to express his political opinion, Reverend Omotunde should declare his political affiliation openly and stop dragging the name of the Anglican church in the political mud.”

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