The National Chairman of Association for Ethical Awareness in Nigeria(Afean)
Patriot. Franklyn Nsa urge Nigerians to disregard the failed APC propaganda  circulating all over social media , he also on this note alerts All PDP faithful to be formidable.

It has come to our notice on the recent APC propagandas and attacks that APC are carrying against PDP Governors and other leaders of the party.

I urge Nigerians to disregard the video circulating all over the social media by APC propagandists that Governor of Gombe State and PDP Presidential hopeful H.E Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo had declared his support for President Muhammadu Buhari second term ambition.

H.E Ibrahim Dankwambo is the only PDP serving Governor who fought and retain his state for PDP in the northern part of our country when the whole north decided to vote for APC in 2015 election.

H.E Ibrahim Dankwambo has a very good educational and administrative record within and outside Nigeria, he has a pedigree and covered with immunity which APC will not be able to intimidate or ridicule him with Efcc or security forces,
H.E Ibrahim Dankwambo is a thread to APC as far as 2019 election is concern if he decide to contest.
Its on this point that APC propagandists decided to blackmailed him with fake and doctored video as tool to cause confusion and disunity in PDP.
Its very obvious that APC has fail at all level which  their strategists lack ideas to win back the confidence of Nigerians most especially in Ekiti State Governorship election than to use propaganda and media strategy to destroy Governor Ayo Fayose and PDP Ekiti State Governorship campaign team.
A right thinking Nigerian can not leave PDP that’s bouncing back to power at the centre and join APC that has fail Nigerians beyond repairs.
I call on all members of Association for Ethical Awareness in Nigeria(Afean) and all Nigerians to be steadfast in the ongoing journey to 2019, also close rank and join hands together and deliver PDP in all elections starting from Ekiti State Governorship election to 2019 general elections as PDP is the only party that can put smile on the faces of all Nigerians.

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