Having successfully inaugurated this movement with the mandate to drum support by mobilizing eligible voters with the aim of re-electing Gov E. N Wike for a second term,

the Wike Solidarity Movement moved a further to officially inaugurate her Special Mobilisation Clusters  which comprises non indigenes, road transport workers, market women, traders and mariners.

The event which took place at Isaac Boro Park, Port Harcourt attracted dignitaries and eminent personalities from all walks of life.

Speaking at the event, the Governor who was ably represented by his SA on political matters, Hon Emeh Glory Emeh,

thanked God for using Dr. Gabriel Pidomson to great works. He said there is no alternative to Governor Wike. Once in a while God uses His own to salvage his people he added.

He further thanked the BOT chairman of the group for giving opportunity to the young ones to participate in the Governor’s affairs.

He also advice all those who are part of this movement to maintain the standard of the Governor.

“Any one who is part of this great movement, working for the Governor, should see themselves as the eye of Gov E.N Wike. The way you behave, talk and react to issues will determine who Wike is”,Glory Emeh concluded.

Speaking at the event, the BOT Chairman of Wike Solidarity Movement, Hon. Sir Gabriel Pidomson (PhD) took his time to explain why the Amaechi led administration was a failure and while Governor Wike remain the only option.

He further thanked every one that took out time to honour the invitation. He encouraged everyone to put in their best in order to achieve the very aim of this movement

“I want to urge all of you to be persistent in this noble task, for in the end we shall all be beneficiaries of true Action, true Progress and true Promise Made Promise Kept.
WE are Wikematics and we makes the difference”.

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