Politics : I regret for not doing much to help PDP win in Lagos, when I had the opportunity –Atiku Abubakar


Former Vice President and 2019 Presidential Aspirant, Atiku Abubakar, on Monday, said that he regrets not doing much to help the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, win in Lagos State, when he had the opportunity, in 2003.
According to Post Nigeria, Atiku spoke in Lagos State, while holding a meeting with members of the party in the State.
Recall, that the meeting was part of his nationwide tour of State Chapters of the PDP, to seek support for his aspiration, ahead of 2019 general elections.
He revealed how his former boss, Olusegun Obasanjo, before the 2003 elections, gave him the task to deliver the six South-West States, then governed by the Alliance for Democracy, AD, to the PDP.
Atiku disclosed that in carrying out the task, he delivered all the States to the PDP, except Lagos State.

The former Vice President, revealed that he deliberately did not do much to win Lagos, because of his relationship with the former Governor of the State, Bola Tinubu.

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He apologised to party members for what he called his mistake, saying that, Lagos would have been better off, if he had delivered it to the PDP, then.
“When we came to power in 1999, the entire South-Western States were controlled by the AD. And when we were approaching the 2003 elections, I told my boss, give me the chance to take over the South-West
“And he gave me that authority, and I took all the States, with the exception of Lagos. Why? Because Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and I, came a long way from the SDP, PDM, and all of that; and I felt I should leave Lagos for him. In fact, I could easily have taken over Lagos, but I did not.
“I have since regretted my decision; please, my sisters and brothers in the party, I want you to forgive me for taking Lagos out of that arrangement.
“If I have another opportunity again, Lagos will be taken to where it belongs. So, I am appealing to you to give me that opportunity, so that I can correct the mistakes that I made”, he said.

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Atiku stated further, that his decision to seek the number one seat in the country, was to re-position and put it on the path of progress.
He noted that the country is having serious issues in the areas of economy and security, assuring that he would fix the problems, if elected.
Atiku revealed that the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, had failed to deliver the promised change.
He said that he was committed to the idea of restructuring, and believed it is key to the country’s progress.
The former Vice President, stated that he would restructure the country within six months in office, if given the mandate.
Atiku pointed out that the Federal Government is too powerful, and promised to ensure devolution of power to other Federating Units.
“If I am elected, I will make the centre unattractive, and ensure that power devolves to the States”, he said.

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