Pope to visit inmate to perform feet-washing ritual on ‘Holy Thursday’ – Megafetch

Pope Francis would perform the pre -Easter washing of the feet ritual in Rome ’s Regina Coeli prison, the Vatican said on Tuesday .
The ritual recalls the gesture that Jesus is believed to have performed for the 12 apostles before the Last Supper , to show that the man they saw as their leader was capable of the most humble act.
On March 29 , Holy Thursday , Francis would visit the prison infirmary , wash the feet of 12 prisoners, and meet with some more inmates , a statement said .
The Regina Coeli prison is in the central Trastevere district and is mostly used for pretrial detention .
A former convent , it has more than 900 inmates , according to the Italian Ministry of Justice .
In 2017 , Francis washed feet in a prison outside Rome for Mafia turncoats .
Previously , he performed the ceremony in a juvenile prison, a centre for the disabled, a high -security jail and a refugee centre .
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