Prince Secondus attacks EFCC for harassing PDP states.

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, say on his twitter handle, that the Commission now APC tool for 2019.

National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Prince Uche Secondus has berated the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EfCC for their unconcealed bias in their execution of the anti corruption war in the country.

Prince Secondus said that the recent arrest and harassment of contractors handling projects in only PDP states has clearly exposed the anti graft agency as doing the bidding of the ruling party ahead of 2019.

The PDP leader said in a statement from his media office and signed by his media adviser Ike Abonyi that the EFCC has deployed its operatives to intimidate and  harass contractors handling various projects in some PDP states with the motive of frustrating their project goals which have visibly placed them far ahead of the colleagues in APC states.

Prince Secondus expressed regrets  that the Commission has remained beclouded in their bias and has refused to heed the advisories from well meaning Nigerians and international watchers including the recent one from the British High Commissioner to Nigeria Mr. Paul Arkwright for them not to take sides with any political party ahead of the 2019 general election.

According to the High Commissioner, “INEC and EFCC should be there to preserve the integrity of the political process,  including taking investigations without prejudice on one side or the other”

PDP boss noted that the Commission rather than listen to such counsel, has instead made themselves a willing tool to assist the drowning APC ahead of 2019 general elections.

Rather than encourage states who are seriously involved in the delivery of democracy dividend to their people, the envious ruling APC has been conniving with the relevant agencies to be harassing contractors ostensibly to frustrate and slow them down in their development strides.

“Contractors in Taraba and Rivers states as well as other PDP states are being harassed by EFCC operatives and are being arm twisted  to implicate PDp leaders”

” Intelligence is available to the party that the ruling party and the federal government have resolved to ensure that PDP states are permanently put on their toes so as not to get their bearing ahead of 2019.

It would be clear to the world and discerning minds that PDP governors are doing fantastic jobs executing projects that touch the lives of their people unlike their APC counterparts

In some states like Taraba where projects have been halted as a result of EFCC meddlesomeness, the unemployment situation has worsened.

Prince Secondus reiterated the position of the PDP that corruption should be confronted frontally in our system but warned that meaningful result would never be achieved in this regard in an atmosphere of bias and double standards from anti corruption agencies.

Secondus regretted that the anti graft agencies which was indeed set up by the PDP administration to tackle the corruption vice in our system independent of the ruling government has made themselves a willing tool in the hands of the APC”

He charged PDP state governors to remain undaunted and refuse to be intimidated in the service of their people.

Finally, Prince Secondus called on the international communities to note the growing impunity where anti graft agencies now usurp the over sight functions of the state Houses of Assembly.

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  1. Let the APC govt led by PMB continue doing the wrongs all in the name of fighting corruption. But they should know and have it in mind that, nothing stays for ever except change. They should also know that God almighty is the only one who can change the hand of a clock. When PDP were in power, yes! they were not perfect but they had conscience left in them. They're ruthless and inhuman like this. This APC led federal government and co hurt should ask themselves,what if the wind of change blows and eventually we are found in the opposition, are we going to be treated like this? President Buhari is not fair in his administration. He should bear in mind that GOD is watching. He contested for this presidency severally and failed, people thought he would have been the best. Now God being the ultimate mind reader said OK, let me show the world, Nigeria to be precise who they think is the best.HE allowed him win through the coalition of political parties. Today, even those who helped him, Nigerians and the world at large have regretted, even a large number of them have confessed and now asking for forgiveness. Therefore, PMB should know that he is not God. Every creature has limited power, whether he believes it or not. GOD RULES AND REIGNS SUPREME.

  2. When PDP were in power, they're not ruthless and inhuman like this. (This is to correct a mistake in one of the lines I posted earlier on. )

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