Relationship: Don’t be a lazy lover

Most women complain that their husbands are in the habit of wanting to satisfy himself alone; forgetting that their body also needs that sexual satisfaction in marriage. You see my friend, you can’t be trying to bake a cake without first warming the oven.

Don’t be a lazy lover, making love is not a race and creating something beautiful takes time. Dear husbands learn to fondle your wife’s body, start with the upper body and then gravitate towards other body parts. Most of you would be rushing to her sexual organs without first exploring other parts.

Be a husband who is also a good lover. A good lover does not hurry. Take time to kiss your wife’s body; her lips, neck, back, breast and other places that excites her. Women are not all the same, what works for your wife might be different for another person.

Women, you also have your own role to play. When your husband is loving you, direct him to where you want to be fondled, talk freely and show him what you enjoy. What’s good for the husband is also good for the wife. If you put your mind to it and your husband plays his roles well, sex is indeed a beautiful thing and God made it for married couples to enjoy.

Just a tip, a great time to enjoy the best of lovemaking and sex is early in the mornings. Anytime is fine too. But in the early hours of the mornings is an ideal time because everyone is relaxed and refreshed. What a good way to start the day, make love and then pray as a couple after that start the day ahead; I tell you, you would be oozing out beautiful energy for the rest of that day.

Keep basking in the arms of God’s love.

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