Relationship: Things men do with women they love

You see, love can seem a bit tricky sometimes and it gets difficult to know if a man loves you or is just using you to pass time. But the truth is, love is not as complicated as we think. There are always visible signs to show you that someone loves you. Real love is action driven, so if it’s love you would know.

I would be sharing some things that MEN do with the WOMEN they love. It’s with these actions I was convinced about how my dear husband felt about me, so I want to extend it to you incase you need clarifications. Let’s dive in now:

  1. He is always proud of your achievements. When a man loves you, he is not intimated by your successes and victories. He would always be your greatest cheerleader. He does not try to compete with you, instead he wants to win with you.

  2. He cares about your family and friends because he knows they are also very important to you. When a man loves you, that love is also reflected in the lives of those important to you. He shows genuine concern for those people in your life, he knows that anything that affects them would affect you too.

  3. He displays affection for you publicly. For those of you that are in relationships where the man always hides you or does not take you to places where his circle of influence are; watch it. A man who really loves you would want everyone around him to know you are his choice.

  4. He listens to you. Everyone loves been listened too. But for us women, I think God put something extra in us in our craving to be heard. So when a man takes time to listen to you even when you are not making sense, he sure loves you. A man that truly loves, genuinely listens.

  5. He fights for your love and make sacrifices for your happiness. When I say fight here, I don’t mean literally going out in the street to blow punches at people o. That’s not what I mean. What I am implying is that he would fight to keep you because he does not want to lose you. He would daily show through his actions that your happiness is if utmost importance to him.

I would stop here for now. But please note that there are days when we fail as humans, no one is perfect. But no matter how much we fail, love always shines through and is never hidden. Just look out for the signs.

If you have found this useful, feel free to share with others and tag those that might benefit also. Do have a wonderful March as you March into being the best version of yourselves. God bless you, Cheers.

Hugs and kisses.

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