Sex is God’s Gift — Andrianna Adebiyi

Sex is a topic most people shy away from in public for
reasons stemming from religious beliefs, morals or ethics.
But for Tinsel star, Andrianna Adebiyi, mincing words
doesn’t seem to be her style as she airs her opinion on
hallowed matters whenever the need arises. In a chat with
Potpourri, the fast rising role interpreter explained how
important sex is in a romantic relationship. According to
her, sex is a divine gift from God which is why it has a lot of
health benefits.

Andrianna Adebiyi

“In my opinion, sex is very important in a relationship
because it’s a gift from God to please man, and not only
that, also to reproduce. Science has also shown it has a lot
of health benefits. But as a Christian, it is a sin to have sex
outside marriage. So I say it is very important in a
relationship, but it shouldn’t be done outside marriage”, she
Potpourri further quizzed her to know her thoughts on the
connection between love, sex and money, her response
was insightful.
“I see a lot of connection between love and sex. It’s only
right to have sex with someone you love, not someone you
don’t love. It is wrong to have sex for money or offer
money for sex. But there is nothing wrong in getting sex
and money from your partner. I would definitely get the two
from my partner whom I would also be in love with”, she

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