Sexual satisfaction and the manhood that does not rise in marriage

Sexual satisfaction and the manhood that does not rise in marriage.

Before I got married, my dad called my immediate younger sister and myself for a conversation.

I still have a feeling my other two sisters were also eavesdropping. 😂.

He said “My dear daughters, I am not saying you should go ahead and have sex before marriage; but while you are in a relationship with whoever you decide to marry, be sensitive to know how reactive he gets when he is attracted to you”

Touch him a little, and maybe hug him too, it might spark a reaction. Observe this.

According to him, when a man really loves you and is attracted to you, naturally his hormones might act up by causing his manhood to rise.

At that point open your eyes and look down to be certain there is that reaction to avoid stories that touch.

This does not mean you go ahead and have sex, but you should be aware that his penis is functional because that’s the organ that would satisfy you sexually in marriage.

You see my dad is a very wise man and a medical doctor.

Considering his profession, he had seen his own share of men that could not get their sexual organ up go ahead and get married without telling their intended spouse their predicament.

Infact, that day he was a mediator between a couple who has similar issue.

The husband knew he had that challenge and kept telling the wife that he would wait to have sex with her when they got married.

She thought the man was being so considerate of her and was so glad at how lucky she was to have found him. Not one day did he even feel attracted to her sexually or was even tempted to you know bring up the issue of sex. For Christ sake, he was a man.

Men have been made to be moved by what they see, except otherwise.

She did not find that unusual until after marriage, she realized his manhood was not fully functional and had refused to rise. That was when wahala started.

It’s because of the experience of that couple that my dad brought up that discussion. It was not unusual as my dad from time to time had different health discussions with us as his kids, we were open and he was friends with us his kids.

I am sharing this story for you to pick up all the lessons you can.

I am still an advocate for sex after marriage because that is what God expects of us as Christians, but in all things let’s still be wise to be sensitive to happenings in our relationships; except those we can’t control.

At the end of the day if you decide to get married to someone, be open to let them know about issues you might have regarding your health. This is if you have any, except you are not aware.

Let your intended spouse decide if they would still go ahead and marry you; then you both can handle the issues together.

But, never ever take the choice from them by hiding the truth. A lot of marriages have crumbled and are crumbling because of hidden secrets that would have been shared.

I hope you found value. Just thought to share this truth just like my dad did with us. Maybe it might help someone out there. Have you heard of similar stories?

Your Relationship Coach Next Door,
Eleojo Jennifer Amuneni®

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