Shooting looters is the only solution to Nigeria’s Corruption problem – COCSON

The Coalition of Civil Society Organizations of Nigeria, COCSON, has advocated the shooting of corrupt Nigerians and looters as the only panacea to curb corruption in the country.

The National President of the group, Chukwudi Ibegbu warned that unless this extreme measure is taken corruption cannot be curbed in Nigeria and the common people will continue to suffer.

Ibegbu advised that all those that were listed as looters by the federal government and the looters in APC should be investigated and if found guilty they should be summarily executed to serve as a deterrence to others.

An eccentric problem requires an eccentric solution, Ibegbu insisted warning that Nigerians are suffering now because of corruption. On the alternative, he suggested that the looters should surrender all their loots and spend life in Jail.

Ibegbu warned against the continuation of immunity clause and security votes in the country’s public life and suggested part-time legislature to curb the corruption and jumbo pay by legislators for doing little or nothing for Nigerians

He lambasted President Buhari for the one billion dollar expenditure on arms without following due process and expressed fear that the money may end up in private pockets as in the past.
He wondered why we cannot as a nation invest in our defence industry to stop foreigners from ripping us off as USA recently did in collusion with federal government officials.


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