Signs to know you are an option and not a priority in Relationship

One of the most painful things is to be in a relationship with someone who always treats you like an option rather than a priority.

Some of us are in relationships where we know we should end at once because of how our partners treat us, but yet we keep building castles in the name of hope.

In truth, you are just in a relationship all by yourself or at other times, your partner is using you to pass time until he/she gets what they want.

So let’s look at some tips to finding out you are just an option in that relationship:

  1. He/she is consistently making up excuses on why they can’t see you, Instead of making out time to see you.
    If someone is important to us, we would always find time to see them. So if this is the kind of situation you find yourself in, please open your eyes to the truth in front of you. In the list of things, you are obviously not their priority.

  2. He/she makes plans for both of you only when it’s convenient for them. They do not care about your schedule, it’s all about satisfying their own demands and needs. But never putting your own convenience in mind.

  3. He/she does not return your calls or messages consistently. It’s okay to miss calls and not return messages in relationships from time to time, considering the demands of life. But when it becomes something that happens more often, then it’s a sign. When you are the one always doing the reaching out, then it’s time for a rethink.

  4. He/she does not go out of their way to show you how much you mean to them or how special you are. Relationships requires efforts, if the efforts are mostly one sided; then it’s not proper.

  5. Lastly, they are never proud of showing you to the world. If you are in a relationship with someone who is always hiding you or afraid to be seen out with you, then it’s either you are not a priority or they have something to hide. Check it.

Most of us I am sure are already aware of this. This is just a reminder.

If your self worth or value is attached to whether or not a man/woman wants a relationship with you, then it’s means you are giving them so much power over you.

When someone treats you like one of many options, help them narrow their choices by removing yourself from the equation.

In a quest to be coupled up in a relationship, please don’t be blinded to these signs that are mostly visible enough.

Do have a great day. God’s blessings!

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