So How On Earth Are We Going ToPower Nine Million Electric Cars, AsksByALEX BRUMMER

Earlier this year, car buyers were encouraged to take
advantage of the Government’s new environmentally friendly
decision to exempt from road tax all electric cars with zero
carbon emissions that cost less than £40,000.
Intrigued to see the choices that might be available, I visited a
Mitsubishi dealer. The hottest model on the forecourt in this
category was the latest hybrid Sports Utility Vehicle.
A salesman told me that if I was interested in buying it and
wanted to avoid the slow process of recharging the car
overnight using my domestic electricity supply, he could
install a more powerful charger on my driveway for free.
I had never realised that owning an electric car involved such
a daily palaver. So, put off by the idea of having to plug in the
car every night and the potential for overloading our house’s
electric circuits, I did not proceed any further.

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