Stephen Hawking’s Last Paper Submitted Just Weeks Before His Death Predicted World’s End

Physicist Stephen Hawking who passed away a few days ago on the 14th of March 2018 wrote one last paper on his deathbed and it is being claimed to be an explosive piece.

The Cambridge alumni contracted a motor neuron disease, ALS, at the age of 21 and was given just two years to live. Instead, he defied everything and lived till the age of 76.
His last paper predicted the end of the world as he claimed the stars would run out of energy and die.
Hawking never won a Nobel prize.
He co-wrote the paper with Professor Thomas Hertog who said of Hawking; “He has often been nominated for the Nobel and should have won it. Now he never can.”
Hawking believed staunchly that there was more than one universe and that a multiverse lay somewhere out there.
His “no boundary” theory, which he developed with James Hartle, described how the universe does not have a boundary and came into existence through the Big Bang.
According to the Mirror, the theory also suggested that other ‘Big Bangs’ took place – producing an infinite number of universes, which can be referred to as a “multiverse”. “We wanted to transform the idea of a multiverse into a testable scientific framework,” said Prof Hertog.
The paper was called A Smooth Exit from Eternal Inflation and was reportedly submitted just a mere two weeks to Hawking’s death and has been hailed as a possible breakthrough in the area of Cosmology.


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