Surprising things that can destroy a man’s Sex drive

Surprising things that can destroy a man’s Sex drive.

Nothing is as worse as not being able to get yourself up and attain sexual satisfaction than a low sex drive. Oh, being broke is bad alright but not being able to have great sex with your partner just cause your ‘down there’ is acting up? Now, that’s epic-bad!

Check out some surprising things that can destroy a man’s sex drive:


All that pornography you’ve been glued to all day without being caught in the act might seem too good to be true. Well, it is actually, there are cons attached to excess exposure to X-rated films and one of such is sexual anorexia. The inability to perform sexually after watching too much porn; if you don’t fancy things going downhill with your man parts, easy with the blues bruv.


Smoking and proper erectile function don’t work together; puffing on cigars on a regular induces blood vessel damage this leads to poor blood circulation down there and that is bad news for your sex drive. Studies reveal that there is a positive shift in sexual performance shortly after ceasing from smoking.


Hold up? Does dental health now interfere with a man’s libido? Now, that’s not only new but surprising, to say the least. Although there is really no scientific evidence to back this fact up studies do show that there is a link between people who suffer from erectile dysfunction and periodontitis.


Yeah, you know that i-can-hardly-get-it-up feeling you have whenever you don’t get a good night’s sleep for days? That’s your testosterone levels dropping, keep that up and in no time you might have to deal with erectile dysfunction.

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