Sylvester Stallone is under investigation for alleged sex crimes

Los Angeles County prosecutors are reviewing sexual assault allegations against Sylvester Stallone.
A complaint was made in November but the alleged act dates back to the ’90s.
The L.A. County sex crimes task force hasn’t given any specific details about the case. However, Stallone’s attorney Martin Singer did confirm back in December that a woman filed a police report alleging Stallone raped her 27 years ago. The statue of limitations could complicate the matter.
California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill in 2016 that lifted the previous statute of limitations of 10 years for crimes committed after January 1, 2017–or for crimes in which the statute of limitations hadn’t expired by that date. Any crimes committed out of that time frame cannot be prosecuted in California.
Stallone’s case joins a slew of others that are being handled by the L.A. County sex crimes task force, which was formed last year in the wake of the immense fallout from the Harvey Weinstein scandal. But even with more survivors coming forward, their cases could easily find a snag with alleged crimes that don’t fall within the statute of limitations, e.g. director James Toback who was accused by 395 women of sexual harassment or assault but didn’t face any legal repercussions because the cases were too old to prosecute.

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