The Crystal ball and the Hourglass

The Crystal ball and the Hourglass.

The President Of India Shri Shankar Dayal visited Muscat, Oman on an official trip In 1994. When the Air India flight which conveyed him landed, 3 rather unusual incidents took place.

  1. The Sultan Of Oman never goes to the Airport to receive dignitaries of any country- NEVER. But on this occasion he made an exception and went to the airport to receive the president of India !

  2. when the flight landed, the Sultan of Oman climbed up the steps of the aircraft and received the president from his seat.

  3. After alighting the flight there was a car with the chauffeur standing. But the Sultan signaled the driver to move, and he himself drove the car with the president of India as his passenger.

  4. Later when Reporters questioned the Sultan as to why he broke so many protocols, the Sultan replied….’ I did not go to the airport to receive Mr Sharma because he is India’s president..I studied in India and learnt so many things. when I was studying in Pune, India, Mr Sharma was my professor….That is why I did this.

#Legacy is Life.

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