The suspect’s confession is a lie, our son was broke – Alex Badeh’s family opens up

Family of late former Chief of Defence Staff, Air Vice Marshal, Alex Badeh, have refuted claims by a suspect in custody of the Police that the late Military Chief was killed while they were attempting to rob him of huge sums of money.

A leaked video that went viral on social media last night showed the suspect saying that he and his brother planned the robbery because they learnt that the late Badeh was conveying huge cash to buy a parcel of land in Nasarawa state.

The suspect said that they had only planned to rob the late Badeh, but when his car tried to run them over, they dodged and then opened fire which led to his death. However, the family countered the claim by the suspect, saying that the late Military Chief did not even have up to N500 cash on the day that he was killed.

The family insisted that contrary to the claim, Badeh did not discuss any issue about the acquisition of land. They described the confessions of the suspect as a “cook-up story to deceive the public and hide the killers and their intentions.

The family spoke with Vanguard Newspapers at the residence of the late Chief of Air Staff in Abuja to react to the claim by the suspected killers.

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